Mosaic Workshop

Explore a world full of colours, shapes, & possibilities!
A Mosaic workshop is an experience of decorative composite art in which you will design & create your very own mosaic art with our selected glass, stone, or ceramic tesserae. Our choice of mosaic on a wooden tray or coaster ensures an artistic adventure with practical value to your art piece.

Mosaic craft is one of the oldest art forms in history. this beautiful artistry has been built throughout ancient times, & continues to be popular today.

A Mosaic workshop is not only rewarding as a crafting experience, it can also be a soothing & calming art therapy along the process of placing tesserae pieces by pieces.

Meditation through an art form.

1.5 Hours experience, materials & tools included.

  • Premium Materials

    Unleash your creativity with our best quality mosaic.

  • Artsy Journey

    The joy of discovering art in a hands-on activity.

  • Practical Craft

    Make something beautiful that will enhance your everyday.

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