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Panda Iron-On Patch

Panda Iron-On Patch

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Easy to apply, simply iron onto your desired fabric for a fun & quirky style upgrade. Alternatively, for added convenience, our patches come with a self-adhesive backing, allowing you to easily stick them onto bag, pouch, cloth, hat, notebook, phonecase, cup, & more.

Self-adhesive type


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    After removing the backing film, the patch can be directly applied to any surface. Repeated use may reduce adhesion. Items such as washable fabrics, smooth and soft materials, and knitted plush items may require additional stitching reinforcement.

    Preparation:Ensure that the fabric you're applying the patch to is clean and dry.

    Preheat your iron to the appropriate temperature setting recommended for the fabric.

    Placement:Position the garment on a flat, heat-resistant surface.

    Place the patch on the desired location of the fabric with the adhesive side down (the side with the heat-activated glue).

    Securing the Patch:Cover the patch with a thin, cotton cloth or parchment paper to protect it from direct heat.

    Press down firmly on the patch with the preheated iron. Apply pressure evenly over the entire patch for about 10-15 seconds.

    Cooling:Allow the garment to cool completely before handling or wearing it.

    Testing:After the patch has cooled, gently try to peel back one corner to ensure it's securely attached. If it lifts easily, reapply heat and pressure as needed.

    Finishing (Optional):For added security, you can stitch around the edges of the patch using a sewing machine or hand-sewing needle and thread.

    Caring for the Garment:Once the patch is securely attached, follow the care instructions provided for the garment to maintain the integrity of the patch.

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